Grower’s Choice 4k-CMH Daylight lamp is the best option for hearty vegetative growth leading to a healthy bloom phase. With a Color Rendering Index of 98 and intense full spectrum the Grower’s Choice 4k lamp provides near sunlight photon output. This leads to healthier and more robust vegetative growth.


  • For use in any 500W CMH fixture

  • Produces more PAR per watt than standard Metal Halide

  • Richest spectrum on the market

  • CRI of 97 makes this lamp the closest solution to sunlight available

  • promotes extremely tight internodal spacing leading to more flowering sites and a fuller canopy

  • Offers significant improvement in spectral quality over standard Metal Halide


4K 500W Single Ended CMH

Color: 4200K

Type: SE-CMH

Wattage: 500W

PPF: 970 umol/s

CRI: 97

Hours: 15,000

SKU#: GC500W4K01

Manufacturer: Grower's Choice

MSRP $159