10K 600W Double Ended MH

Lamp type: Metal Halide

Wattage: 600 Watts

Style: Double Ended

Weight: 5 Ounce

SKU#: GC600W10K01

Manufacturer: Grower's Choice

The Grower's Choice 10K bulb is for growers who are looking to maximize yield and resin production, making it suitable for the last 7-14 days of flowering. The 10K contains UV-B light, which is widely known to increase resin production, as the plant forms its own kind of "sunscreen" to protect itself from the ultraviolet light.


  • Outputs UV spectra for enhanced resin production

  • 5% degradation rate at 10,000 hours

  • High quality quartz glass for consistent spectral output and PAR production

  • Increases resin production by weight during late flowering

MSRP $119

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