Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lamp

3K 630W Double Ended CMH

Color: 3100K

Type: DE-CMH

Wattage: 630W

Initial Par: 1200 umol/s

CRI: 90

Hours: 10,000

SKU#: GC630W3K01

Manufacturer: Grower's Choice


  • Contains precision gasses for enhanced spectral output

  • Generates much less heat than HPS and MH   

  • More closely matches sunlight than ANY other lighting solution available

  • Growers report tighter inter-nodal spacing and better yields on flowering plants

  • Bulb can directly replace a 600w MH or HPS bulb in a double ended fixture

MSRP $189

We want to inform all of our friends in the industry that 1000 watt ballasts (usually having a range of 600 - 1000 watts) usually operate the LAMP around 220 volts, and 600 watt ballasts (usually having a range of 250-600 watts) usually operate the LAMP around 110 volts. We know this to be true for most brands of ballast we have encountered. We want to be clear that we are talking about the LAMP voltage - NOT the voltage coming from the wall. This is important to understand because growers are dimming their ballasts down to manage heat issues, and some growers are not sure if they should use a 1000 watt bulb and dim it down to 600 watts or just use a 600 watt bulb. Most 600 watt bulbs are designed to be operated at 110 volts, and most 1000 watt bulbs are designed for 220 volt operation, so growers need to match their ballast wattage with their lamp wattage for best results. Many people believe that under-powering lamps can hurt longevity, but we have not found this to be true. What DOES hurt longevity is operating on the wrong voltage. If you mismatch the voltage the lamp may still work, but it will decrease lumen output, decrease usable life and possibly have trouble firing up due to different ignition voltages. Growers can simply call their ballast manufacturer to figure out what voltage their lamp is operated at. 


DE CMH Lamps were designed to run optimally in a low frequency square wave ballast but we have found that they are also useful for growers who have high frequency double ended ballasts. Many growers are having issues with heat so they are dimming their fixtures down, and many other growers are switching to CMH because the richer spectrum is much better for plants, giving better yield. Utilizing these bulbs in a standard DE fixture is a great shortcut which achieves both of those goals, greatly minimizes operating expenses and grows higher quality flowers. However, it should be understood that since DE CMH bulbs were designed for low frequency ballasts, a few users may experience longevity issues in certain brands of high frequency ballast. However, we believe the amazing added benefits of the full spectrum combined with the money saving opportunity in utilizing your existing fixture far outweigh the risk of an early bulb failure, and we are developing a ballast right now that is designed specifically for our DE CMH Lamps.