Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps

Ceramic Metal Halide lamps are the pinnacle generation of HID lighting. Utilizing ceramics materials instead of quartz for the construction of the arch tubes, which contain the metal halide gas that causes the lamps to operate at higher temperatures, increasing efficiency and providing a more complete spectrum, covering the inadequacies standard MH and HPS poses. This makes CMH lamps a better option for horticulture as they efficiently produce more light across the PAR spectrum where it matters most. Grower’s Choice has four different CMH spectrums lamps to customize the light output for every stage of plant growth for optimal harvest potential. For growers using dual lamp models lamp spectrum can be further customized by utilizing different spectrum lamps in the same fixture. We found that 3k + 3K-R provides the best results during the flowering phase, finishing with the 10k lamp in during the last 1 week before harvest.

CMH Benefits over Standard MH:

• Grower’s Choice CMH lamps are engineered for horticulture specialty crops, provides light output in the full PAR spectrum with greater PPFD per watt.

• More efficient and cooler running CMH means more energy in the form of light reaches your plant vs being lost as heat energy, reducing load on HVAC and service costs.

• Four lamp options in different PAR spectrums allow the grower to tailor their crops needs specifically from start to finish, increasing yield and quality.

• Long service life means low service costs and less material waste.

315W Ceramic Metal Halide

500W Ceramic Metal Halide


Double End Lamps

If you’ve chosen Double End fixtures for your garden the smart choice is Grower’s Choice Double End lineup explicitly engineered for specialty horticulture cultivation crops.

1000W DE Ceramic Metal Halide

1000W HPS/Metal Halide

1200W DE HPS/Metal Halide

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