Find Wholesale Lighting Near Ontario

Whether you have a commercial greenhouse or a hobby garden at home, you need the right spectrum LED lighting for proper cultivation and growing. Grower’s Choice is a wholesale lighting supplier close to Ontario, providing quality products including Gavita, Luxx lighting, Mars hydro, and other horticultural lighting options to give you the solutions you need to ensure proper growth for all your plants. Our grow lights are designed by seasoned lighting and horticulture experts, using the latest LED lighting technology to get the results you need.

A Variety of Lighting Options

When you shop our wholesale lighting, you’ll find all the types of lighting you need for an efficient indoor garden, including the Grower’s Choice controller to ensure you always maintain control over the lighting to give you the best results. We offer various options, including:

If you’re not sure what type of lighting is best suited for your needs and setup, our team of professionals is standing by to answer your questions and guide you through the process of choosing the right spectrum lighting solution.

Get Reliable Results from the Best Lighting

We dedicate ourselves to research and development to stay on top of all the latest changes in LED lighting technology, specifically for grow lights. When you choose Grower’s Choice close to Ontario, you can rest assured you’re getting reliable products that will help you improve plant growth and production. We offer the solutions you need to ensure your plants get the appropriate horticultural lighting to give them the best chance at success.