Grow Healthy Plants Indoors with LED Lighting

As someone with a green thumb, you care about the health of your plants. If you are struggling to get your plants to grow indoors, an LED lamp can make all the difference.

The use of LED lighting in the greenhouse and indoor gardening industry has become a viable option in recent years due to advancements in LED design as well as manufacturing processes. Today’s high power Light Emitting Diodes designed specifically for maximizing plant growth are being produced at costs that bring them within reach of the average consumer. As more companies bring these commercial grade offerings to the consumer market more and more growers are discovering the advantages of our LED grow lighting.

  • More plant available light from less power
  • Drastically lower heat loads require significantly less cooling
  • Ability to elicit specific biological responses by selective wavelength conditioning
  • Versatility in the grow room, use vertically as side lighting or horizontally over the top
  • Increased Product Life, with no bulbs to change, LED lights are generally rated for
  • 50,000 or more hours of continuous operation (over 5.7 years if used 24 hours a day)

Grower's Choice utilizes these benefits and incorporates them into our innovatively designed commercial horticultural lighting fixtures. From our proprietary full horticultural spectrum lighting spectrums and oversized heatsinks to our quality diodes, superior secondary lensing optics for deeper penetration and our unique side hanging optional support system our product offerings are sure to give you the advantage over the competition at a price you can afford.

By partnering with one of the top LED manufacturers in the world we have been able to produce affordable horticultural grade LED lighting fixtures without sacrificing quality. Our manufacturing partner’s comprehensive production experience, state of the art factory equipment and optimized production lines allow us to cut down costs and pass these savings along to our customers.

Modern horticultural grade LEDs have come along way technologically. While higher energy efficiencies and more advanced lensing have contributed to superior plant growing LEDs, the real differences have come in the form of better PAR (photosynthetically active radiation, it’s what plants want) and most importantly, radically increased amplitude, the amount of light that the chip puts out. These new ultraviolet ranges of color combined with the increased intensity pose a real danger to the human ocular system. To counter the danger of permanent eye damage while using commercial grade plant lighting, Grower's Choice has become the first and only company to include a free pair of Wavelength ~ LED, professional horticultural grade LED protective glasses with every purchase.

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