Grower's Choice

An American company operating out of Southern California providing commercial horticultural solutions

Who We Are

Grower’s Choice started as a collaboration of experienced lighting and horticultural experts operating out of Southern California. As both Manufacturer & Distributor, we only distribute our products through our reliable and respected Authorized Grower’s Choice Partners. We always endeavor to provide the indoor growing industry with a premier lighting solution that encompasses our fundamental tenets of Quality, Reliability, Performance, and Value. At Grower’s Choice, our company’s mission has always been to provide the best customer service experience and the most innovative products and up-and-coming technologies, leading to more efficient and effective cultivation practices and solutions. Whether it is the needs of a hobbyist, commercial applications, or specialty crop cultivators. Grower’s Choice understands and is devoted to providing solutions for our customers' dynamic, growing conditions, and we will continue striving to be at the forefront of innovation. We have the commitment, experience, and lighting expertise that will allow us to trailblaze & grow the industry to the next level.

What We Offer

Environmentally Friendly

An environmental-friendly and efficient lighting solution at an affordable price to our customers.

Cutting Edge Technology

The latest LED technology and an up to date knowledge of the greenhouse and indoor gardening industry.

Legendary Customer Service

Friendly and reliable service.

Grower's Choice Commitment

Commitment to Success, Satisfaction and Safety.

our goal is to help you grow

Grow More Spend Less

For years growers have struggled with high electrical costs, large carbon footprints, and indiscreet growing techniques. Traditional lighting systems generate excessive heat, requiring up to 4’-6’ of space between the canopy and the bulb, and since light energy dissipates rapidly as distance from the source increases, EXTRA light must be generated to make up for what is wasted, adding to your electrical bill. As a result of this unnecessary heat, commercial growers must also spend extra money for air conditioning and dehumidification, which hurts the grower’s bottom line, requires careful planning and calculations, generates noise pollution and crowds the grow space. What growers need is a safe, convenient, and effective way of illuminating their garden-one that won’t burn a hole in their wallet.

our goal is to help you grow

The Time Has Come

The day has finally come for growers who seek high yields without the outrageous electrical costs of the past. Due to recent developments within our company and the industry as a whole, customizing your lights to generate the specific wavelengths your plants need the most is now simpler and more cost-effective than ever. Unlike much of our competition, Grower's Choice diodes so closely match the light the sun naturally outputs; they also are a source of both ultraviolet and infrared light.

our goal is to help you grow

Our Commitment To You

Grower's Choice has many goals for the future, but our continued focus is on the safety, satisfaction, and the success of our customers. Failed grows can be frustrating and even turn some people off to the hobby, and we don't want that. Traditional lighting fixtures are prone to bulb explosions that increase growers' risk of sustaining severe injuries like burns or electrical shock. Still, with LED technology, you can rest at ease as your family, friends, and you admire your garden. Your safety is important to us, but so is your success! We believe that manufacturing high-quality products and delivering them to the consumer at competitive prices is the key to our success and yours, so come grow with us!