CPS Series

CPS Series

Engineered for large scale commercial cultivation, TSL Horti Tech is proud to introduce the Central Power Solution-CPS. Utilizing a centralized modular driver system, located externally from the grow area, cultivators can eliminate the failures that pervade antiquated systems deploying luminaires requiring individual drivers. This is accomplished by consolidating the drivers into an extremely reliable, compact and controlled system that significantly increases efficiency, reduces equipment failures, improves environmental conditions, reduces start up costs and long term maintenance.

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Economy of Scale: The more traditional drivers you replace with the CPS the more efficient the unit becomes. With the CPS the more fixtures and power used, the greater the savings compared to standard HID and LED luminaries. All in a compact easily stored and maintained package.

Less Material Costs: This system utilizes affordable 14-gauge wire compared to standard power systems that uses heavy and expensive 1/0-gauge wire. Fewer junction boxes are required and no output circuit breakers are needed. CPS utilities eliminate the need for external controllers, hardware, and wiring. Fewer materials needed means less installation, maintenance and labor costs.

HVAC Concessions: By eliminating drivers from the grow space the fixtures will emit less heat into your cultivation area. Meaning more energy savings and less workload for your HVAC and environmental controls, which leads to longer equipment life, and a reliable and consistent grow environment.

Lower Operational Costs: CPS systems are designed to be more energy efficient than traditional drivers, losing less energy to THD (total harmonic disturbance), providing consistent current flow and draw, and lowering energy consumption costs. Eliminating drivers near the LEDs equates to less heat (heat degrades leds diods and drivers) the diodes must mitigate, translating to longer lasting led fixtures. Facilities that switch to CPS systems may be eligible for rebates or other financial incentives from energy companies due to reduced electrical consumption.

Modular Driver System: The CPS uses a simple plug and play system that allows for easy expansion or contraction. The CPS with all drivers in one remote location makes adding or replacing fixtures quick and easy. Simply add or replace led fixtures and drivers as needed. With most traditional fixtures, if the driver goes bad the whole fixture must be replaced.

Consistency & Reliability: Eliminating Individual lower quality drivers mean minimal driver/fixture failure. Environmental consistency is achieved by removing the drivers from the cultivation room, reducing canopy heat and hot spots. The power supply is consistent with very low THD (total harmonic distortion) increasing efficiency. Drivers utilized in CPS are UL listed, medical grade power management systems with some of the best reliability in the industry. Reliability you can trust with your horticulture investment.

Customizable Wireless Controllable: Customize your CPS system menu options and controls to suit your cultivation’s specific needs. Wireless controls allow you to monitor and adjust settings from afar via your laptop or mobile devices. Governable system options allow you to specifically control and manipulate your facility’s lighting needs with ease.