ANSI Type E = Enclosed Fixture Required


Lamps that are enclosed fixture rated should only be operated in an enclosed fixture that safely contains all lamp parts in the event of a lamp burst or rupture. These lamps operate at a high internal pressure and at high temperatures which can emit harmful ultraviolet light if the outer glass bulb is broken. A lamp may burst causing physical injury and property damage unless protective safety glass is used with the fixture. Use fixture that meets requirements per UL standard #1572.


ANSI Type O = Open Fixture Rated


Lamps that are open fixture rated are suitable for operation in open fixture designs. These types of lamps typically feature UV protective quartz anda secondary shroud surrounding the arc tube to prevent the scatter of glass in the event of a burst.


Metal Halide discharge lamps can emit ultraviolet radiation that may be harmful to eyes and skin. Metal Halide discharge lamps that are not open fixture rated, should only be used in enclosed fixtures with ultraviolet absorbing filter glass. Do not operate these lamps if the ultraviolet absorbing filter glass is broken or not installed.


Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium discharge lamps should only be operated with the compatible ballast, rated fixture (open/closed, wattage), and socket. Only operate the lamp in its designated operating position.


Metal Halide lamps should be turned off for a minimum of 15 minutes per week.


Lamps should never be operated beyond their rated useful life. The risk of a lamp burst increases with lamp age, temperature, improper operation and improper handling. Replace the lamp at or before the end of its rated life. Group relamping is always recommended.


Never bump, drop, apply excessive stress, or scratch the lamp. This could cause the lamp to burst! Do not operate any lamps with any traces of scratches, cracks, or physical damage.


Never operate a lamp above or below its rated current or voltage. This may cause the lamp to leak or burst.


Always turn off the electrical power before inserting, removing, or cleaning the lamp.Clean any dirt, oil, or lint away from the lamp with alcohol and a lint-free cloth or tissue. Dirt or other contaminants will affect light output and may cause the lamp to overheat and decrease lamp life.


Electrical connections should be clean and in good condition. Replace lamp holders and sockets when needed. Affix the lamp securely in the socket. Improper installations will cause electrical arcing, overheating and short life to lamp and socket.


Never touch the lamp when it is on, or soon after it has been turned off, as it is hot and will cause serious burns. Lamps should be allowed to cool for a minimum of ten (10) minutes after the lamp is turned off.


Do not use lamp in close proximity of paper, cloth or other combustible material that can cause a fire hazard.Do not look directly at the operating lamp for any period of time; this may cause serious eye injury.


Metal Halide discharge lamps contain mercury. Grower’s Choice strives to preserve the environment and make efficient use of resources. Please refer to your local environmental laws regarding disposal and recycling of mercury containing lamps. For more information, please go to www.lamprecycle.org


R - NON SELF EXTINGUISHING LAMP WARNING: This lamp can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation from shortwave ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. Do not use where people will remain for more than a few minutes unless adequate shielding or other safety precautions are used. Lamps that will automatically extinguish when the outer envelope is broken or punctured are commercially available. Complies with the USA Federal Standard 21 CFR 1040.30 and Canada Standard SOR/80-381.