October 20, 2022

Cultivation in Riverside, CA

What Does Cannabis Cultivation Mean?

Cannabis cultivation is a term that describes growing cannabis, either in a commercial establishment or in a home garden. Cannabis cultivation can take place outdoors, however it is much more likely to be indoors in a hydroponic (soilless) set-up.

Cannabis cultivation is nothing more nor less than the growing of cannabis. If you reside in a state where medical marijuana has been legalized and you have a marijuana card, you are permitted to grow a particular number of plants at home for personal use. The term also applies to commercial growing operations.

In the majority of circumstances, cannabis cultivation is best done indoors. For the home cultivator, that can be done relatively conveniently, although it will mean that you need to turn one of the rooms in your home into a grow room. Keep in mind that this doesn't need to be a "room". It can be any space large enough for your needs, ranging from the corner of a room to a closet to a whole room.

Cannabis cultivation is not something you should rush into. Start small. Growing just a couple of plants at first can help you get your feet wet without investing a fortune on hydroponic equipment, lighting, environmental control equipment and more. It is also important to be prepared for the learning curve and the obstacles that you'll experience. Plant diseases are common, as are pests and other hazards that can kill your plants quickly.

When establishing a cannabis grow space, make sure that you have the space blacked out so that light does not enter during "down" periods, or you risk the production of male flowers, rather than female flowers. You need to also make sure the grow area is kept scrupulously clean, and that you have the right grow lights for each stage of maturation in your plants.

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