August 18, 2022

Wholesale Lighting in Pomona, CA

Grower's Choice is a collaborative effort led by seasoned lighting and horticulture experts dedicated to offering lighting technology that offers quality, performance and value to your garden. Whether it's a hobby garden or commercial horticulture application, Grower's Choice is committed to your garden and knows the needs of specialty crop growers. We have the dedication, expertise and lighting technology that will take your garden to the next level.

Grower's Choice' research and development team is led by a group of lighting and cultivation experts from all over the world with over 30 years experience creating lighting solutions specifically for plants. We reach the highest level of quality by sourcing parts from Germany, Japan, and The United States.

Using state of the art manufacturing technology allows us to provide you with a quality product for a reduced price than our competitors. Grower's Choice' defect rate is lower than the industry standard since each of our products are tested in house by a qualified technician before being put to market.

Grower's Choice emphasizes quality, dependability and performance when developing and building our products. As both manufacturer and distributor we eliminate unnecessary overhead and pass that saving on to our consumers, adding affordability to our products. Paired with our renowned customer service Grower's Choice is the right choice.


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